My legal name is Daron but you can call me your BFF- BarreFoodieFriend. I'm here to inspire you to eat colorfully, live vibrantly and THRIVE! I'm rather notorious for using too many exclamation marks and having an affinity for Elephants...

I discovered a passion for cooking a few years ago and started to get creative with my cuisine. This creativity has evolved into a series of simple, seasonal and inspired recipes that I'm more than excited to share.

As a Pure Barre instructor I have the opportunity to help clients work towards fitness goals yet often I see that the biggest hurdle is the nutritional element outside of the workout. I hope that I can help put some of the love back into your kitchen and help you find more joy in the cooking process. When you eat well, you feel better- when you feel better everything and anything becomes possible! I have found that through a healthy lifestyle I not only keep my body strong and healthy but also keep my mind and spirit grounded and balanced.
Thank you for stopping by- come back soon for more inspired recipes and good vibes.

Connect with me via email at- Life styled by Daron or via Instagram @barre_foodie